IEEE SOCC 2023, 5-8 September

Sep 14, 2023

From 5 to 8 September 2023, VEDLIoT took part in a valuable experience at the 36th IEEE International System-On-Chip Conference (SOCC) in Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, CA, USA.

Kevin Mika (UNIBI) presented the paper RECS: A Scable Platform for Heterogeneous Computing by the authors Kevin Mika, Florian Porrmann, Nils Kucza, René Griessl, Jens Hagemeyer from the University of Bielefeld in Special Session 2: European SoC Initiatives on 7 September.

Here’s the abstract:

RECS is a modular, scalable microserver platform designed for heterogeneous computing. Heterogeneous computing leverages combines different computing architectures to optimize performance and energy efficiency. RECS offers a modular hardware framework that integrates various microserver architectures, enabling users to configure optimized processing platforms for specific application requirements. The paper discusses the architecture, key hardware platforms, management subsystems, and communication infrastructure of RECS. Furthermore, its integration into the EU-founded projects eProcessor and VEDLIoT is discussed. The monitoring, management capabilities and robust communication infrastructure further enhance the system’s efficiency and flexibility. RECS demonstrates its potential for resource-efficient computing solutions, providing flexibility and fostering innovation in heterogeneous computing.