Conference papers

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Journal papers

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Book chapters

R. Griessl, F. Porrmann, N. Kucza, K. Mika, J. Hagemeyer, M. Kaiser, M. Porrmann, M. Tassemeier, M. Flottmann, F. Qararyah, M. Waqar, P. Trancoso, D. Ödman, K. Gugala and G. Latosinski, A Scalable, Heterogeneous Hardware Platform for Accelerated AIoT based on Microservers. Shaping the Future of IoT with Edge Intelligence – How Edge Computing Enables the Next Generation of IoT Applications, 2023.

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Open Call projects papers

I. Pisa, G. Boquet, X. Vilajosana, B. Martinez, On the generalization of Deep Learning models for AoA estimation in bluetooth indoor scenarios. Internet of Things, February 2024.

G. R. Leone, M. Righi, D. Moroni, F. Paolucci, Towards Multi-camera System for the Evaluation of Motorcycle Driving Test. 16th International Conference on Signal-Image Technology & Internet-Based Systems (SITIS), 2022.

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Articles in Magazines

VEDLIoT Consortium, The VEDLIoT project – Next-generation accelerated IoT. HiPEACinfo71, pages 24-25, 2024.

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