Open Call

VEDLIoT is driven by challenging use cases in key industry sectors like automotive, automation, and smart home. In addition, an open call for cascaded funding is foreseen to explore new opportunities by extending the application of the VEDLIoT platform to a more extensive set of new and relevant use cases. Typical open call projects leverage VEDLIoT technologies for their own AI-related IoT use case, thereby broaden the VEDLIoT use-case basis and making the overall concept more robust. The typical run-time of the satellite projects is foreseen to be in the range of 9 – 12 months, with an average funding of up to 120,000 € (including 25 % indirect costs), at a funding/reimbursement rate of 70 %.

More detailed information, including available VEDLIoT technology and the application procedure, is scheduled to be published in early 2022.