WaTZ embeds WebAssembly-compiled applications within Arm TrustZone, a TEE technology available on IoT devices. Based on the open standard GlobalPlatform and the open OS implementation OP-TEE, it  executes secure applications with minimum overheads. WaTZ also increases the security guarantees by drafting a remote attestation mechanism to attest that executing WebAssembly applications are trustworthy since remote attestation is missing by default in TrustZone.

URL: https://github.com/JamesMenetrey/unine-watz

Provider / Owner: UNINE

Primary programming language: C

License: Apache 2.0

GitHub Link: https://github.com/JamesMenetrey/unine-watz

Application: Software development

IoT standard: TCP

Type of project: Development tool

Technology areas: IoT Application Development

Contact personJämes Ménétrey (james.menetrey@unine.ch)