EMBEDL AB (EmbeDL) is a spin-off from the Horizon 2020 funded research project LEGaTO. The mission of EmbeDL is to commercialise its Deep Learning (DL) optimisation engine into a highly scalable service that makes DL-based AI affordable and energy efficient in embedded systems. The DL optimisation engine bridges the gap between data scientist, experts in AI algorithms, and computer engineers, experts in hardware and should thus match perfectly with the ambitions of the VEDLIoT project. EmbeDL has close connections to academic research, Swedish industry and innovation ecosystem as well as well-established connections to venture capital.

Key persons involved:

  • Devdatt Dubhashi – devdatt@embedl.ai | Chief Scientist and co-founder; Professor at Chalmers University of Technology
  • Hans Salomonsson – hans@embedl.ai | CEO and co-founder

Website: https://embedl.ai/