RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is the largest public-sector research institute in Sweden with over 2800 employees, 30% PhDs. RISE has an annual turnover of ~2.5 Billion SEK, with 30% SME clients. Furthermore, RISE is owner and partner in 60% of all Sweden’s test and demonstration facilities. In international collaboration with companies, academia and the public sector, RISE contributes to a competitive business community and a sustainable society. RISE is an independent state-owned research institute offering unique expertise for future-proof technologies, products and services. RISE has vast experience in coordinating EU project such as H2020 STREAMLINE, H2020 Trash2Cash, H2020 Improver, H2020 Neocel, H2020 PRoPART, H2020 Rubizmo, FP7 MAKESENSE, FP6 IPERG and FP6 EVERGROW.

RISE Computer Science Department (formerly called SICS) is a world-class research institute in the forefront of ICT research and development. RISE computer science performs applied ICT research, knowledge creation and innovation through the deployment of new services and products. Results are disseminated through our partnership or through test beds and demonstrators. The collective expertise of the department includes cybersecurity, machine learning, sensors and actuators, IoT, communication networks and data analytics to visualization, interaction design and service development.

RISE Cybersecurity unit, the main participating group in VEDLIoT, is the largest public-sector cybersecurity research group in Sweden. The Cybersecurity unit also coordinates the Swedish National Cybersecurity Research and Innovation Node, which is the latest coordination action setup in Sweden where industry, public sector, and civil defense work together for advancement of cybersecurity research and innovation in Sweden. RISE Cybersecurity unit is the owner of the RISE Cyber Range, a unique cybersecurity test and demo arena is Stockholm developed primarily for industry. Our core areas of expertise are: IoT Security, Cloud Security, Communication Security, Software Security, Cryptography, Access Control, Privacy (technical and social aspects), and Secure Virtualization and Trusted Computing. RISE Cybersecurity is currently leading or a part of over 10 EU projects.

Another unit for RISE, Connected Intelligence, also participates in VEDLIoT. Connected Intelligence is a leading IoT, network and Edge AI research group in Sweden and, among other things, it has produced Contiki, one of the leading operating systems for low-power IoT. Connected Intelligence leads and participates in several EU projects and have a strong tradition of publishing at academic conferences as well as publishing widely used open-source software.

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Website: https://www.ri.se/en