VEDLIoT at Black Alps 2022, November 15-16 (Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland)

Nov 30, 2022

VEDLIoT participated in the rump session at Black Alps 2022, a cybersecurity conference hosted in Switzerland from 15th to 16th of November 2022.

Jämes Ménétrey, PhD student at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland, presented his work related to the execution of WebAssembly software within Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs). One essential outcome of this research is the ability to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the data using a standardised bytecode while being processed offshore, going from the cloud to the IoT devices.

There were nearly 355 attendees at Black Alps this year, with an audience targeting companies, developers and researchers.

You can learn more about using WebAssembly as a cloud-edge solution from our recent paper WebAssembly as a common layer for the cloud-edge continuum.