Osnabrück University

Founded in 1974, Osnabrück University is a young, vibrant university that is renowned for its research and teaching in the areas of social sciences, humanities, cognitive and molecular life sciences as well as computer science and mathematics. A total of 1000 professors, lecturers, research assistants and research fellows do research across nine schools and teach the 14.000 students currently enrolled at Osnabrück University. Research at Osnabrück University is characterized by close interdisciplinary cooperation. The AI Campus is the result of many years of specialization in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The campus brings together the research intensive, yet application-related departments of Computer Science, Cognitive Science and Information Systems, as well as Mathematics research units. About 20 professors and 80 research assistants currently work at the AI Campus.

Within the Institute of Computer Science, the Computer Engineering group, directed by Professor Mario Porrmann since April 2019, focuses on research in the area of novel hardware-software architectures that meet the constantly growing demand for performance, energy efficiency and reliability. We are particularly interested in adaptive heterogeneous architectures for embedded systems and cognitive edge computing. In this context, we consider both small mobile systems with limited energy resources as well as powerful accelerators for high-performance computing in data centres. Our expertise is applied to the education of our students as well as to research and technology transfer projects: from compact solutions based on small embedded processors via multiprocessor system-on-chips and domain-specific architectures up to reconfigurable platforms (FPGAs) with thousands of processing units. We are especially targeting dynamically reconfigurable systems, which can adapt their internal hardware structure to changing environmental conditions at runtime.

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