The success story of VEDLIoT’s Smart Mirror

Feb 3, 2023

Have you heard about the Smart Mirror?
The Smart Mirror relies on a modular hardware platform that can be used in a range of IoT applications, which is being developed as part of the VEDLIoT project.
We invite you to read the article “Bielefeld University – Smart Mirror with deep learning algorithms and distributed AI serves as interface between residents and smart environments” available on the Use Cases Cataloge of the official EU-IoT project website and on the website of Aarhus University.

The Smart Mirror serves as an interface between residents and a smart environment. The solution is an interactive mirror, as well as a central IoT control point for connecting to various smart applications that are integrated in a home, in a corporation, or in a city. With high computational power, UNIBI’s Smart Mirror uses deep learning algorithms and distributed AI to perform recognition of objects, faces, gestures, and speech. The solution thereby adds a range of smart features to its environment, and automates and performs action commands provided by the user.

The Smart Mirror is a consumer IoT product, which is applicable for use both in private and public smart environments.