VEDLIoT at HiPEAC 2023, January 16-18 (Toulouse, France)

Jan 19, 2023

VEDLIoT had a strong presence at HiPEAC 2023.

At the VEDLIoT booth the visitors could find the multiple hardware platforms developed and being used in the project, as well as the smart mirror demo, which is being continuously improved. Several VEDLIoT posters were prepared and also displayed in the booth, as well as in dedicated poster locations.

In addition, the DL4IoT workshop, organized by VEDLIoT, brought together other ICT-56 projects (namely TERMINET, iNGENIOUS and Assist-IoT) presenting recent results, as well as Open Call projects, describing how VEDLIoT technologies (namely the hardware platforms and the toolchain) are being deployed in additional use cases.

Jens Hagemeyer, project coordinator, also presented VEDLIoT in the HiPEAC Industrial Session.

There were nearly 600 participants at this years HiPEAC, which means that all these activities had a considerable visibility. Thanks to everyone who helped prepare our participation!